Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Clever eyes trying to hold

Melting specks of time and old

Try and pursue I was told

It seems crazy and too bold

Saw a diff’rent kind of gray

Never closing, gazing stay

When mars fell, no angels play

Dark flowers become astray

Summoning faces of you

Changing sights of penchant hue

Filtering my world of blue

Harness the beauty of few

Sudden halting near the cliff

Silent sounds, elating riff

Clasping hands and pupils stiff

Her intoxicating whiff

Lurking seas of boundless smiles

With him holding you, time flies

Rails and tracks she races miles

Tripping the rills of holy aisles

It cuts when im fast asleep

It dries my throat into deep

Puts my soul to endless weep

Scathes my heart and pair of lips

Blind casting is she aware

Burning pits of bursting stare

Clinching buss Im not to dare

In distance, bepaint her hair


jhengpot said...

wow anlalem! pero cool :)

Deric said...

salamat... :)