Sunday, May 6, 2012


Camera and lens adrift from the shore
Fulfills my greed, comes back for more
The only way to shut is for you to abhor
The way i am, like never been before

Squeaks and shrills hastens the sore
Your diamond face hits the core
All about you magnifies the amour
I have never dreamt like this before

To re-unlearn my sight at downpour
Of forbidden hints with my rancor
Untamed within the silent uproar
Wishful thinking of her time before

Only to fixate on you at four
Trapped, where art thou saviour
To live thru death on your contour
An agony to surpass this before


EK Encarnacion said...

ang ganda nung larawan! ang ganda nung lamp. san kaya nakakabili nun?

at nakita ko kung gaano kahirap gawin yung tula kasi limited lang sa isang rhyme yung dulo ng mga linya nung tula.

Hindi ako magaling tumula kaya i love good poets.

Keep on writing poetry po!

EK Encarnacion ng Every-Comedy-Thing

EK Encarnacion said...

magbabasa pa po ako nung iba niyong tula. :)

Deric said...

Salamat....yung lamp sa isang restaurant yan sa iloilo. kinuhanan ko lang

Rhosze said...

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