Thursday, May 2, 2013

A thousand

I tried to close the door today.
like a thousand dying fireflies slowly swiveling through the dark.
Their fading light are as bright as the twilight.
As thick as the swimming trees in the park.

I tried to run today and stumbled,
like a thousand freedom doves gliding underground.
My heart and soul achingly crumpled,
uttered a little squeak, a nomad home-bound.

I tried to sing my song for you
like a thousand dolphins echoing echelons in the battlefield
Gliding through the waves underneath the moonlit sky
but your ears and stone-cold heart  are thickly sealed.

and that was probably my last try.


mga_espasyo said...

I always associate sunsets with goodbyes and sadness and solitude.

Deric said...

thanks for reading.